quinta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2009

Blues with a feeling

A linha de composição do BLUES é essencialmente elementar, é sempre uma mensagem direta que é própria do blues, os sentimentos expressos nas letras são extremamente emotivos e minimalistas, talvez se o relacionamento humano seguisse o raciocínio da composição bluseira certamente o envolvimento seria mais promissor.

I can't quit you, baby
I Can't Quit You, Baby, so I'm gonna put you down for a while. X2
Said you messed up my happy home, Made me mistreat my only child.

Said you know I love you, baby, my love for you I could never hide. X2
Oh, when I feel you near me little girl, I know you are my one desire.

When you hear me moaning and groaning, you know it hurts me deep down inside. X2
Oh, when you hear me... You know you're my one desire. Yes, you are.

"Girl of castle"
Little girl, here I am !
Without know, you are smiling.
With such smile, you don't hurt me.

You stop to smile.
And then, began my tears.
You was vanishing and back.

You are back and smile again.
Smile with murderer intention
You're back to stay !

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